Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Tyler spent the night last night...well...let's let him tell you.

He called it his bunk bed. But it was his crib mattress on the floor next to Brooke's bed. (We have to paint Seth's room before we move him into there into the real big boy bed.)

Tyler has been climbing out of his crib. I realize he's really too big to be in a crib anyway, and all of the other kids were out by now. BUT it has been nice to not have to fight with him during nap times and bed time! Here are some pics of him. This is how I found him this morning!

I got him to climb back in bed and pretend he was sleeping! He's a good sport to humor me!

And here he is so excited about his "bunk" bed.

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Lynette said...

I like he's pretending photo..what a cute kid!!!