Monday, May 25, 2009


It seems like it was just yesterday that Seth was born. I was actually talking about our adventures in the hospital on Saturday and I mentioned that it seems like it just happened. Seth was so tiny when he was born, he was a month early, but he was so cute. I held him for only a few seconds after he was born and then I finally got to really hold him 4 days later. Mike and I are so grateful that he is healthy.
Seth on his first birthday! I was finding cake stuck to the walls behind him for months after his birthday! He was such a bald, little mess!
I'm 2! Seth LOVES the slides at the playground! He finally had some hair too! He's such a little peanut, but you wouldn't know it from the way he acts!
Seth has always had a love of animals. He has a short temper, but is sweet and kind to animals. When he turned 3 we had a zoo party for Seth! I painted animal faced on the kids and they ran around like animals, it came easy to them!
BATMAN! Seth became obsessed with Batman at a very young age! By the time he was 4 years old, it was all he wanted to do and talk about. This is a birthday card that Grandpa Don had commissioned for Seth, it's awesome!

Seth's obsession with Batman turned into an obsession with bats! This is his bat cake. I think it's his favorite one yet. 5 years old and heading off to kindergarten in the fall. How did 5 years go by so fast? Seth is so smart, he's already well on his way to reading and loves to learn. Seth Simmons...what are you going to get for your 6th birthday? A NEW CAR! Well, you're kind of short to reach the about a new bike! Seth's really grown alot in the last year and is too tall for his old little bike, so we bought him a new one! Grandma and Grandpa bought Seth a new helmet with Spiderman on it! He loves it! He's so cute!
Seth is 7 years old! I can hardly believe that 7 years have passed from that first day I laid eyes on him. It has been a roller coaster ride with this crazy boy. He can be so sweet and then like a switch he's the naughtiest kid...but we love him anyway. Seth will be very successful when he grows up, it's something I've felt from the time he was born. At only 9 months old when we were in the hospital getting his blood drawn the tech came into the room and stopped when she looked at him. She said "that boy is going to bring the word of God to the people some day." I was amazed at her statement, but whole heartedly believe it. Seth has a way with words, he's so funny sometimes making words rhyme and making up new words. This talent with words is not limited to fun, he's so good at remembering scriptures that have touched him and his little world. Seth dreams of being a veterinarian some day, he loves
animals and begs for a pet almost daily!
A few stats:
favorite color, red.
favorite food, pop-tarts.
favorite animal, penguin.
best friend, Karlee.
favorite toy, light saber.
favorite place to be, zoo.

Seth, I love you. I am so grateful that you are part of our family! You are a special boy.
Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Big Guy!!